Friday, February 16, 2018

Plaid Pants and the Joy of Dancing

This entry is dedicated to a little friend of mine who is a fan of street style dance.

I'm glued to the screen as I watch the first segment of the video Uptown Funk -- Bruno Mars / Junsun Yoo Choreography. (Duration of segment: 1:57 min.) 

I try to fight the urge to watch it multiple times, but it feels like as if I'm being overtaken by a mysterious force. I keep stopping the video at 1:30 and play it for 4 seconds. I want to emulate the steps and hand movements shown there. They seem simple enough to follow and I like the beat.

These dancers are from 1 Million Dance Studio in Seoul's Gangnam District, where Junsun Yoo (in plaid pants) is an instructor/choreographer. He is also black belt in taekwondo. He has 8 years of dance training behind him. Junsun's aim is to become the world's best choreographer one day. And he works really hard to get there. 

It's nice to see so many young talents doing their best. What their secret is: tons of practice and dedication for their passion. Flashing an occasional smile doesn't hurt either.

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