Thursday, February 22, 2018


Is he an escapist? Currently, he is the most famous dummy on Earth and beyond. Some folks claim he is fake. They're wrong. I've never seen a fake dummy in my entire life.

Let's see what he's wearing. Gloves, suit and a helmet. What's the helmet for? Generally, a helmet is not required when driving a car. Okay. He is not driving a car, he is floating in one. Maybe he is wearing a helmet to protect his privacy because the whole world is watching him.

Which brings the next question: What to wear in space?

Space suit, I guess. I'm playing with a silly idea that the closet of an astronaut is jam packed with space suits in the same make. Do style and color matter? I don't know if we could speak of style where every aspect of the design is geared toward function. And aren't all space suits made in the same color? 

It's like me with jeans. I have a couple of pairs that look almost the same. I wear them to death. And when I buy a new pair, I try to find the same style. I guess I should call them space jeans because they can serve as survival gear in challenging conditions here on earth. I wish that conditions would never get here as bad that special gear should be worn to survive them. Wishful thinking. Sometimes, they do. Just take air pollution staying at dangerous levels for prolonged periods of time in some big cities (a couple of fashion capitals among them). Now, in space there is no breathable air so it can't really be polluted.

I hope once we are ready to venture out in space we can wear regular clothes. And what I mean by that is jeans. I wouldn't want to go to space without them.

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