Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Rocking a Denim Jacket

The realization that we do live on a gigantic rock suspended in space and do not need to wear protective gear made me think of why I'm so attached to it. It's too bad that just a selected few of earth's inhabitants can venture out, and when they do they need to wear sophisticated gear for survival. If you ask me: astronauts should wear space suits that are fancier to give aliens a chance to spot them more easily. Alien #65432345983 from his outpost: "The humans are back. I detected a pinkish helmet embellished with glitter and a neon green space suit with dragon embroidery." Neri Oxman thinks otherwise. She designed a biomorphic space suit that would make any alien green with envy, did they care to visit us and take a look. 

Our species has been here so long and I still don't know when to capitalize the word earth. This is annoying. I switched it from lover case to capitalized and back again -- all for nothing -- as I got more confused. Reminder: When capitalized, the word earth indicates the name of our planet. 

I've been thinking a lot about lately why to wear clothes to begin with. Here are some reasons I've come up with: not to run around naked; keep warm; protect the body from the ravages of the elements; look different from being naked or from others. Wouldn't be much easier to grow a second layer of skin, preferably a thick one, and forget about outfits? This could save a lot of time, money and resources -- especially water.

Why wear different clothes? We are not THAT different from one another when it comes to our physical shape. Maybe that's the point. We are bipedal, with a body which is technically a big, clumsy, funny looking water container mostly in a vertical position (except for those who sleep all day). And why trying so hard to look different? I know now: to be able to tell ourselves apart from our fellow 7 billion earthlings who also have a tendency to wear clothes; apparently, some of them with a preference for jeans.

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