Thursday, October 5, 2017

On Latex

Let's see what I know about latex: too shiny; transparent; too clingy; always tight fitting; comes in ridiculous colors. It has a range of properties I don't find appealing. It's definitely not my choice of fabric. But wait, it's actually not fabric. See a short article on MJTrends for details

Now let's see some dresses on Atsuko Kudo's site HERE

I don't know what to say because these are some really nice cuts and the colors are to die for. And yet, when I look at the semi-transparent flesh Alejandra dress, all I can think of how it would fare in the rain.

It's been raining on and off for days. As I waited for the bus the other day, I did not notice the large puddle of water by the curb. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, the bus pulled in and splashed the water high up as it stopped. And before I knew it, my jeans got drenched up to the knees.

At that moment, I wished my jeans were made of latex. By the time I got home and right after I peeled them off, I changed my mind yet again and was a latex fan no more. My fandom lasted less than 20 minutes. As for the dress, I still love the cut but I'd prefer something similar in fabric. 

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