Wednesday, May 3, 2017


This bracelet is about 7 years old. As you can see on the image below, some shells are broken. It was discounted at 50% because of that. I’ve never meant to fix it. I like the way it is.

I wanted to know what type of shell my bracelet is made of. So I went through online catalogs trying to identify it. The first question I tried to answer was: Is this a freshwater or a saltwater shell? I settled on saltwater shell. I figured it must be found in abundance because of the many pieces needed to make one jewelry item priced so cheap. Therefore, it must be a common species.

I could picture an island from a tropical zone with a sandy shore line dotted with shells; a place in the middle of the ocean that looks like paradise. But reality kicked in when I saw the documentary Plastics in Paradise about the situation on the Cocos Keeling Islands. It turns out that plastic pollution is getting worse as plastic makes its way to even the most remote spots on our planet.  
It’s a pretty good deal: no air fare (as it’s being carried by the currents) and some of the best beaches for accommodation. Too bad we are paying the price as the shorelines get covered not in shells but plastic debris. I wish I knew how to live a life without plastic! It’s not only disposable plastic I am concerned about, but any other type that we use on a daily basis. Just thinking about the sheer quantity of plastics we are surrounded by makes me really concerned. Could this keyboard I am typing on be made of anything else but plastic? How about phones, home appliances, plane parts, etc.? The list is endless.