Sunday, April 9, 2017

Master of Her Craft

I entered the shop from the street and had a short conversation with the owner about her job. That’s what she told me: She was born with a needle in her hand and she has been sewing as far as she could remember. She never makes the same dress twice. Nor does she create the exact replica of a dress from a picture; her design would always be different in some detail.

I asked her if she made coats from scratch. She was 12 years old when she first cut a sewing pattern of a coat, she said with pride, but she can’t do it anymore because of her strained hand. I couldn’t blame her if she never wanted to make coats again. I once tried to take an old coat apart and the task proved to be too difficult.

It took her 3 years to complete her studies as a tailor and another 5 years of apprenticeship to become a master craftsman. She has more than 50 years experience designing and making garments. When I asked her about other family members possessing the same set of skills she gave a definite no. Not even her grandchildren would show any interest in sewing, she added.

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