Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How to Find a Good Hairdresser

It's a matter of taste and personal preferences. For me, there is also something about the place, but less so. And perhaps something that can’t be fully explained. It’s like with friends. Or with food. Standing at a counter trying to choose among the different flavors in pastry, I once asked the server which was her favorite one. She commented that what she likes is irrelevant. I should find out what my favorite flavor is by myself. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016


I’ve never aspired to be a star other than dreaming of walking in a fancy dress and my most comfortable slippers on a red carpet. In dreams it sounds like fun, especially when my main purpose would be to test my slippers for carpet walking along with other like-minded carpet walkers. Such experience for real however, could turn out to be very different. I prefer walking in peace and just thinking of a red carpet event that comes with large crowds, much shouting and blinding lights gives me the shivers. 

And yet, I’ve got my 2 minutes of fame years ago during grocery shopping at a big supermarket. It was a hot day and I was wearing a simple summer outfit: a brown sleeveless shirt, khaki shorts, string sandals and a straw hat.

When the first couple of people stopped to look at me, I thought there was something wrong with my clothes. I checked myself from head to toe for a stain from something embarrassing like bird droppings. Did I manage to spill coffee on my shorts? I found nothing. Or was it about my hat? As I walked around, more people stopped to take a look at me. I kept blaming my hat since that was the only thing that made me stick out of the crowd. ‘Okay,’ I said to myself, ‘no one has a hat on. But haven’t these folks seen a straw hat before?' It would turn out weeks later that on that day, I was wearing the exact replica of an outfit worn by a contestant of a new reality show.