Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fangs for Sale

I own two sets of vampire fangs in mint condition. I am toying with the idea to put one up for sale.
I had such a dream last night. There was this large man, a big boss of some sort, talking to me in a stern voice. With his palms down leaning on a desk for support, he was towering over me like an over-sized statue of a heroic figure. He oozed authority. And he was wearing my one-size-fits-all vampire fangs. They fit him okay.

"Show me your body of work," - he demanded. "I'm sorry. I do not have a body of work,"- I replied. "I have a line of work. I write one line a week so as to have enough number of lines one day for a story." He paused for a moment blinking heavily. And then he disappeared in a cloud of neon green fume never to be seen again. 

Too bad he took my fangs.  

Note to self: This is just a Halloween dream. He was actually right to lose his patience in that dream. It would take seven years to finish a 100-page book at that speed. 

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