Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Christian Siriano on Visibility

Christian Siriano Spring Summer 2017 Full Fashion Show - September 2016 Collection

The Seasons

My first thought is about spring. What to do when it happens in the middle of winter? And what to wear in springter? Should there be new collections designed specifically for freak seasons that disrupt the regular ones – like notomn for no-automn or sumter as in summer-in-winter? And when to prepare for these new seasons since they are like uninvited guests that come and go as they please?

New Stars: The Plus-sized Models

I am looking at the plus-sized models walking with the regular ones to see beauty in shape. It’s a great move to give visibility for them. “You have to celebrate as many people as you can because you never know who your costumer is gonna be,” Christian says. I love the color scheme. These vibrant colors might come from a lab but are nature-inspired. It makes me wonder if a shade of red can still be called coral red when one day there won’t be any red corals found in the oceans.

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