Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Striped Tee

About a month ago, a new boutique opened at the mall offering great introductory prices. So off I went to check out the place. After trying on a few different items, I headed to the counter with a striped tee in my hand. It would be my first purchase on my "tap and go" card and asked the sales associate to show me how to use it. Show it she did with a startled expression on her face.

As she was folding the shirt I also asked her to remove the price tag and the hanging label as well. It was hot. I was wearing a long-sleeve shirt and was seriously considering changing into the tee. The startled expression remained.

Finally, I politely told her I would not need the bag in which she was just about to put my tee. That may have startled her even more. As I was leaving it hit me: she might think that the card was stolen. What I left with was just a tee -- a modest purchase well below the transaction limit.

I couldn't help smiling at the thought because the first thing I did with my card was to lose it along with my bus pass a few days before. Since I remembered exactly when and where and, with the return address included on the pass, I was hoping I could retrieve it quickly. I made a couple of phone calls. No such luck.

Then I got concerned and reported my card lost. The good news was that no purchase was made on it and I got a new one within a few days. The same day I picked it up, I found a white envelope in the mailbox. It contained my missing bus pass, my old card and a note: "Be more careful next time." With no return address or signature, I could not say thank you. So I decided to celebrate my luck by buying a new T-shirt.

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