Monday, February 22, 2016

Unwearable Knitwear

This is my first attempt at knitting with extra thick wool and I decided on to use 5 needles. I had a failed attempt years ago at trying to make socks. Now I wanted to make what else but socks again to face my demons. It proved to be a challenge. I was told that I am using the wrong size needle for the yarn. What I've produced is a tube shape which is what I wanted. It looks fine. I tried it on. It even bends but more like pipe insulation material than a piece of garment. I need to unravel the whole thing and start over. What a drag. The project will take twice as long to complete, but next time I'll know what needle size to pick for my left-over yarn. 

The only other option would be to leave my half-finished piece as is and use it for pipe insulation. 



  1. I love creating things, but the frustrating part is when things go wrong and you need to take it apart and start again - or worse, abandon the project. I bought a pretty chiffon to make myself a kimono top, messed up with cutting one of the pattern pieces, and am now short of fabric. Thinking about whether I want to complete the project with solid contrast sleeves or just let it go.

  2. Do not be too hard on yourself. Great things can be created by mistake.