Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Importance of Saying No

It took me quite some time to learn the importance of saying no. I've learned the hard way just how challenging it can be to give such a definite answer to a request. Depending on the situation, saying no could go against cultural expectations or occasionally, even one's best intentions. My experience is that being able to say no with confidence can be just as important as saying yes. It clears the path towards one's goals and it helps a great deal to define boundaries.

There are really unexpected situations that might seem puzzling at first, but can turn out to be fun and an important learning process. This art project is about when to say yes to have fun no matter how crazy it sounds at first. A group of 9 hairdressers in the video said yes to such a project. Sticking with their individual styling ideas that they wanted to realize, they teamed up to give a haircut to the same model. It just seems an impossible challenge to take considering that hairdressing is no teamwork and yet each hairdresser tried their best to give the model as good a haircut as possible. And that's exactly what a great hairdresser is supposed to do, even when there are 8 other equally great hairdressers around trying to do the same thing on the same model's hair. 


A haircut by 9 hairdressers at once (second attempt)

Director: Koki Tanaka

Location: Zindagi Salon, San Francisco
Production and Commission: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

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