Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Holidays!

Växtglädje. Illustration on a gift wrap bought at Ikea in 2013. I wish I knew who the illustrator is. This is one great dress in my favorite color. I love the three-quarter sleeve and the length that seemingly goes on-and-on forever. It is definitely evening wear. A floating maxi dress can be very flattering. However, it could be problematic to wear for a regular city dweller. Look how beautifully the skirt drapes. I can only see it draping like this when it floats in the air.


If this magical dress was meant to be worn by elves on a swing at Christmas time in an enchanted forest, then let it be. I bought the gift wrap for the illustration. Speaking of forest, I hardly wrap anything except for Christmas presents. I carefully unwrap presents to save and reuse paper. I recycle what I can't reuse. I can't help but think of the life of a tree and the number of years or decades required for it to grow old enough to be harvested and processed to make paper. And then comes the fleeting moment for a gift wrap to be admired then ripped off and discarded. 


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