Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Holidays!

Växtglädje. Illustration on a gift wrap bought at Ikea in 2013. I wish I knew who the illustrator is. This is one great dress in my favorite color. I love the three-quarter sleeve and the length that seemingly goes on-and-on forever. It is definitely evening wear. A floating maxi dress can be very flattering. However, it could be problematic to wear for a regular city dweller. Look how beautifully the skirt drapes. I can only see it draping like this when it floats in the air.


If this magical dress was meant to be worn by elves on a swing at Christmas time in an enchanted forest, then let it be. I bought the gift wrap for the illustration. Speaking of forest, I hardly wrap anything except for Christmas presents. I carefully unwrap presents to save and reuse paper. I recycle what I can't reuse. I can't help but think of the life of a tree and the number of years or decades required for it to grow old enough to be harvested and processed to make paper. And then comes the fleeting moment for a gift wrap to be admired then ripped off and discarded. 


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Thrift Store Find

The black skirt in this post is the same item that appears HERE in a previous post as a black top. It is a sleeveless top which comes with a diagonal strap to hold it in place, but I find it more comfortable to wear it as a skirt. It could be a bit risky to wear a top as a skirt if it wasn't designed that way. You might need a belt to prevent your 'skirt' from slipping in case it doesn't fit well. The black top is a leftover sales item. Both items are from a thrift store.

Black top that serves as a skirt, Repeat

Beige top, J. Taylor

Monday, December 14, 2015

Almost Perfect

As a native speaker of the English language, some of you might wonder how I can write complex structures and still make some basic mistakes. That's easy. When I go on auto pilot and just jolt something down thinking 'Wow, it's so darned easy, it must be this way.' it's usually not. I started to write this blog to hang onto my English and, at one point, I stopped worrying too much about it. That was the final push for me to write. My verbal skills are good, but I am not perfectMy real strength is in creative writing. I am my own editor. If I really start wrestle with a topic, it seems that my English catches up and gets better.

I have the skills to do some wizardry with grammar and yet, I can't help making mistakes. There are times when I can't see them so they stay to hunt me. It's a never-ending battle. And it's fun. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I understand now that I will never be perfect -- no matter how good I am or how hard I try. If I don't practice, I loose my grasp and get worse. I just try to push on. I try to achieve clarity and consistency and stay grammatically correct as much as possible. I can get pretty good at that, but it is time consuming and not easy.

There are times, when what I write is good as is and I might think that there is something still wrong with it. While other times, I just can't see the obvious. It always depends on the particular text. It's like ghost hunting. I might see a ghost where there is none or can't see one when it's right in front of me.

When it comes to writing this blog, I see myself as a street performer. It serves me as an inspiration. My visitors are passerby. Some will stop and listen and might enjoy my performance.

Note to self: write in complex structures