Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Next Black

A film about the Future of Clothing. (2014) I watched the video HERE over the weekend. It can be viewed in segments. I listed the starting time for each segment.
Directed by David Dworsky and Victor Koehler
Chapter 1: Merging Fashion & Tech
Chapter 2: Smart Clothes (starting at 8 minutes)
Chapter 3: Brewing Sustainable Fabrics (at 13.30 min)
Chapter 4: Fast Fashion (at 24 min)
Chapter 5: Dyeing Without Water (at 30 min)
Chapter 6: Fixing Things (at 35 min)

On Chapter 2
Let's get smart on clothes. I'd like to see a wearable malignancy detector built in a garment so it could warn me about potential danger; both verbal and physical. It should indicate when to stay calm or fight or flee. I wish I had one. But then an evil opponent could always use malice shielding devices like smooth talk and a fake smile that looks just like the real one fooling my built-in detector. I really need a reliable fake smile gauge as well. And if it malfunctions or tampered with, I still could fall back on instinct or real-life experience.

On Chapter 3
Brewing fabrics sounds interesting to me. I can't wait till it happens. I envision myself standing in the kitchen in the morning making a a yummy looking smoothie for breakfast and a colorful mash for a new cocktail dress fabric. I put both smoothie and mash in the fridge in separate glasses. Buddy comes in and opens the fridge. He picks up the glass that is the more colorful of the two and gulps up my cocktail dress fabric mash.