Thursday, March 12, 2015

Copenhagen Fashion Festival

Copenhagen -- Part Eleven

If you asked me how a self-activating lightsaber made it into the picture (seen in the previous entry), I had no answer for that. I definitely can't remember a jedi standing right behind me while taking the shot.

Having just learned about Copenhagen Fashion Week on the spot last summer, I tried my best as I pleaded with a host for letting me in to see a grand show with no ticket or invitation. As an alternative to The Show, I was kindly informed to see an exhibition of dummies, of all things, adorned with the design work of some new talents. 

I decided against it and headed for the streets to check out the festivities. I saw long lines for free hair and makeup which I skipped and went to see the guy at the TONI&GUY tent working on a model. I took some candid warm-up shots while simultaneously asked him for permission to take some real ones. He grinned and nodded and I took it as a "yes". So I proceeded with the real shots. As I took the shots, he kept grinning all the way through. Well, warm-up or not, none of the shots turned out good.

Note: The truth is that generally all of my shots ARE warm-up shots regardless of the situation. And I think that the guy from TONI&GUY knew that.