Friday, January 2, 2015

Elves in a Box

Copenhagen -- Part Four

First came a series of strange high-pitched sounds -- a rapid sequence of squeaks as if coming from the hinges on a rusty gate. Now imagine if this rusty gate started to squabble in a squeaky voice. And from time to time, the squabble was interrupted with a hearty giggle. In the distance, a small gathering started to form. I glimpsed an odd formation -- a platform as high as a table with three holes on top of which three heads stuck out.

The three heads moved in harmony while the one in the middle talked. He produced those alien sounds, a total gibberish, with such confidence as to make us believe that we just heard an intelligible and yet undiscovered language. 'Don't you guys get it, I am TELLING you.' I was dying to know what he was saying. I thought that if only I could listen carefully or long enough everything would make sense. So I waited and just kept my eyes on him. What did the others do? Some took up seats on a nearby bench and made themselves comfortable and the rest stood around with dropped jaws in great anticipation.

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