Saturday, January 10, 2015

Copenhagen Flowers

Copenhagen -- Part Five

Our visit to Copenhagen last summer coincided with Copenhagen Fashion Week. The picture of a pastry shop window seen above was taken in the heart of downtown. I like the hanger that appears to be hanging in thin air.

A dome-shaped cake decorated with marzipan flowers was also on display. Unfortunately, I couldn't take a decent shot of the cake. And I couldn't take a decent bite of the cake, either. 


  1. Happy New Year, Maria! I have never been to Europe, so I've been enjoying reading about your trip to Copenhagen. Pretty blouse - it looks like it was the inspiration for the cake, the flowers are similar.

  2. Happy New Year to You, too! It would be nice to see you around here one day! The cake was a piece of art. My photo doesn't do justice for the details. Who would dear to eat a cake like that and mindlessly destroy a piece of art by simply gulping it down? I didn't get a chance.