Sunday, December 28, 2014

Mange hilsner - Many Greetings

Copenhagen -- Part Three

Copenhagen is dubbed as one of the most bicycle friendly cities in Europe. There is a great number of cyclists on the road on any given day. With so many riders and an excellent bicycle route system, the city is really easy to get around by bike.

It made me feel safe to know other riders were always around me. Trying out an old bike was a bit of a challenge: first, getting on it and second, pedaling. I went zig-zag for a few seconds and then made a semi-circle turn. That made the guy coming from behind me slow down and pull a funny face. But once I finally was on the bike, riding it was a piece of cake -- up until the last challenge when I tried to get off. Luckily, both the bike and I made it in one piece. 

Please note that there was nothing wrong with the bike. It was fully functional, but I was clumsy on it. It was simply a certain type of bike I wasn't used to. The test ride happened just around the block in a quite neighborhood and it was much fun. The locals are the most courteous of riders. I was grateful to have been given a bike for the experience.


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