Saturday, November 29, 2014

Colors of the Rainbow

A plastic bag full of leftover yarn in the colors of the rainbow was left in the park. Bikers and hikers passed by, but no one found it worthy enough to pick it up. The bag was ripped on the side. Balls of yarn rolled in all directions matted with leaves forming an entangled messy heap. Some of the colors I didn't like, but I scooped up the whole thing anyway. It took me a while to separate the bits. I had no plans for the yarn, but later when I showed it to my mom, she came up with an idea. She wanted to make a shawl. She would work on it for months carrying small amounts of yarn in various colors in her pocket anywhere she went. And whenever time permitted, she would knit a small square. She made several dozens of separate squares. Once she was finished with them, she sewed them together. The shawl has been in use ever since and it faded just a little. 

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