Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Guys up Above My Head

Our roof had a leak. I had to call the roofers to fix it. They came early in the morning. There was much shouting and stomping and bumping and banging in the attic that lasted for hours. At one point I thought that they were going to fall through the ceiling and land on my head. 

"The battle between Rome and Sparta," shouted one of them while banging with his hammer.

"Rome and what?" shouted the other.

"I have to look up that battle," I thought.

They did a stellar job. When the rain comes the drops won't find their way through the ceiling and tap on the top of my head. As for their personal style? Nothing particular, really. They wore tattered jeans and some really old sweatshirts. 
The neighbor said that they were originally from Gythium. 

Photo by Carol

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