Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Missing Hat

Winter is practically over and I managed to lose my most treasured hat that I've had for years. It was a wool hat; a perfect fit in my favorite color. It reminded me places I've visited and people I've met. I lost it at the mall in the early morning hours doing grocery shopping.

How to Lose a Hat at the Mall

Stop in your walk.
Fold your hat in half and slip it into your coat sleeve.
Fold your coat and rest it on your arm.
Start walking.
Chances are that the hat will slip through the sleeve instantly and land on the floor without a sound.
In about ten minutes, realize that your hat is missing.
Backtrack to your entry point. No hat.
Ask security. "Sorry. No hat."
Ask costumer service. "No hat."
In your last, vain attempt ask the cleaning lady. "No hat. Sorry." She is nice. Have a chat with her about hats.
The next day ask costumer service again. Still no hat.
Say goodbye to your all time favorite hat.
Buy a new one later in the day or within a next few days that is similar to the old one. It's Winter's End Sale with great deals.
Attach your new hat with a fish line/bike lock/crocheted chain/thread/duck tape to your coat so as not to ever lose it.
Or simply promise yourself not to keep it in your coat sleeve.

I hope whoever found my hat would take good care of it. Handled with care, it could last a few more years.

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