Friday, February 8, 2013

On Beauty

There are real life stories as moving as any great fairy tale. I stumbled upon one such story a few days ago. Who wouldn't want to fly to Paris for a photo shoot and feel like a princess? Who wouldn't want to wear a lavish gown designed by Steven Khalil, if only for one session? And how many of us still would want to do that just to send out a message while battling a vicious form of cancer?

"You can still feel beautiful and sexy with breast cancer," says Jill, the star of the project, the gorgeous model with stage four breast cancer.  

"I want to change the way you see yourself and value all that you are." 
"Beauty. - It's the light that shines out from inside you. When you hold someone's gaze, you can see it. Everyone has it. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen."

Sue Bryce, Photographer


  1. Hi there!
    Your post was so inspiring. nice to meet ya!

  2. Thanks! I'm very much moved by Jill's plight and courage. She needs to be heard.