Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Holidays!

The wings looked magnificent. I stopped in my walk to take a better look. From closer inspection, they showed a grayish discoloration. I walked into the store to ask for the price. I was told that they were not for sale.

The large wings reminded me of the swan I saw last winter. Later, one of my favorite fairy tales from my childhood would come to mind, "The Wild Swans", by Hans Christian Andersen. In the story, eleven brothers are turned into swans by their evil stepmother. What saves them at the end is craft, namely weaving, done by their sister. Her task is to make each a nettle shirt to break the spell. She weaves relentlessly by night. She has to face adversary while being accused of witchcraft. She is threatened to be burned. Sounds like one hell of a craft project. What saves her brothers though is not simply her weaving skill, but rather her endurance and sacrifice.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Red Carpet Footwear

If I will ever be invited to a red carpet event, that's the pair of shoes I'd like to wear. These shoes are light and were made for carpet walking. As an additional feature, they keep the feet warm. I call them Yin and Yang respectively. Being size L, Yang is the bigger one. They were the last pair at the store. The costumer before me had picked up a mismatched pair leaving me with the dilemma of "take it or leave it". I hesitated. And then I saw those yellow button eyes fixed on me and I couldn't resist them. So, here I am thinking about wearing them at a red carpet event I have yet to be invited to.

I will wear a scarlet maxi gown with my Rottweiler slippers for the event. One can always hope.

Friday, December 7, 2012

White Boots

I don't own white shoes, but I really like these lace-up boots. They look costume made and seem to follow the natural shape of the foot. They have the perfect heel height for walking and must be comfortable to wear. It's funny that the flip-flops in the background seemingly have bigger sole height than the heel height of the boots.  

I took this picture in September on an unusually warm and sunny day. The streets are covered with a thin layer of snow now.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thanks, Tom!

I had the most hilarious dream last week. Tom Cruise came to my place to ask me to marry him. He came in a big black rented car with two bodyguards. The bodyguards stayed outside and took up position by each side of the main entrance while my neighbors stood behind their windows peeking through their curtains. Tom knocked on the door. As I opened it, he posed for a moment and said, "Hi Maria! Can I come in?" 
"Sure," I said. I was so confused that I forgot to say HI. He stepped in, then he paused again for a few seconds looking straight into my eyes. I just stared at him dumbstruck. He looked humble. With his trademark smile and piercing blue eyes set on me, he said that I was a great person, and that he wanted to marry me. "What is going on? He doesn't even know me," I thought. I was sure he had never seen me before. Naturally, I knew him from his movies, but that was all. I didn't know what to say. Finally, I stated one simple fact that I thought would save the situation, "I am sorry Tom, but I am taken." Still looking intensely at me, he clasped my hands and said, "Thank you for your time." And then he left.

If I met him for real, I would tell him about this dream. The first person I told about it couldn't help laughing.