Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Claw Ring

I'd borrowed a telescope from a nearby observatory and hauled it home. After installing it in my kitchen, I took a few shots of my new ring hovering in the foreground of the far left corner of our galaxy. Here is the result:

Fine. I admit it. It took me sixty-three shots to get that result. That is just a messy dinner plate with some greasy residue on the surface. For me, however, it looks like a spitting image of a tiny fracture of the Milky Way.   


  1. Fun effect! I hope you got someone to help you lug the telescope back to the observatory ... ;)
    That's a really neat claw ring. I've been drawn to accessories with an edge lately!

  2. Thank you for your concern about the telescope. I'd pulled it off. :)
    The ring was made by Bershka.