Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hear Me

Fashion shows are primarily for the eye. However, when background music is too loud, it's necessary to protect the ear. For me, any music that is far too loud to enjoy is not music but noise. Noise can be damaging depending on intensity and time of exposure. Prolonged exposure may result in immediate or gradual hearing loss that is either temporary or permanent. NIHL stands for Noise Induced Hearing Loss. 

Hair cells in the inner ear are one of the key players in the hearing process converting sounds to electrical signals. That's what healthy hair cells in the inner ear look like. 

Damaged hair cells can't function normally so they don't perform the conversion.

To protect the ear, there are various types of hearing protection devices available. My present earplugs are from the pharmacy. They are not fancy, but they work just fine. It's very important to insert them properly. I use them on a regular basis. Rather than in need of a hearing aid, I think it's much better to keep my biological hearing system intact.

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