Thursday, March 22, 2018

World Water Day -- The Rainmakers of Nganyi

The Rainmakers of Nganyi

A video by filmmaker Steve McDonald on Vimeo.

Monday, March 19, 2018

About Time

To solve the problem of time I just bought a watch. I drenched my non-water resistant watch and I bought a new one. It turns out that it has a life of its own. I mean it shows the time in varying time zones haphazardly without indicating which time zone is actually shown. Either that or I am a time traveler. When I left home, it was 5 minutes behind local time. And when
I got home, it was more than 1 hour ahead of local time.

First I thought that this watch has no sense of time whatsoever. Or even worse: it actually knows that there is no such thing as time so it does not bother displaying it. What it displays instead are some random decimals to fool me.

Then it hit me. Whenever current time is shown, it's always a great match to my individual need. Could it be that this watch has a sophisticated sense of the entire space-time continuum? Although the price I paid for it ($2.99) does not justify AI capabilities, I have my doubts now. I am in constant synchrony with my watch and, apparently, it has nothing to do with time. How could those watchmakers down there in China know me so well? 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Fighter

"You’ve been killing me for two months." He laughs at the thought. "I'll challenge you."
(What a complete nonsense.) I can see surprise in his eye. With a teasing tone he says, "Very scary!” I know I am no match to him. He wins. (Supposedly.)

He warms up for the fight. He turns toward me with his right hand extended. Our eyes are locked. I am invincible now, a true warrior with a terrifying grimace ready to defeat him. We "fight". He is in a defense position. I hit the palm of his extended hand with all the force I can muster. He first looks down and then slowly raises his eyes. His expression is a mix of concerned and comical. There is hardly any force in my blow. It's like a mosquito bite. He can't stop grinning as he walks away.

He wears white. And he always smiles.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Rocking a Denim Jacket

The realization that we do live on a gigantic rock suspended in space and do not need to wear protective gear made me think of why I'm so attached to it. It's too bad that just a selected few of earth's inhabitants can venture out, and when they do they need to wear sophisticated gear for survival. If you ask me: astronauts should wear space suits that are fancier to give aliens a chance to spot them more easily. Alien #65432345983 from his outpost: "The humans are back. I detected a pinkish helmet embellished with glitter and a neon green space suit with dragon embroidery." Neri Oxman thinks otherwise. She designed a biomorphic space suit that would make any alien green with envy, did they care to visit us and take a look. 

Our species has been here so long and I still don't know when to capitalize the word earth. This is annoying. I switched it from lover case to capitalized and back again -- all for nothing -- as I got more confused. Reminder: When capitalized, the word earth indicates the name of our planet. 

I've been thinking a lot about lately why to wear clothes to begin with. Here are some reasons I've come up with: not to run around naked; keep warm; protect the body from the ravages of the elements; look different from being naked or from others. Wouldn't be much easier to grow a second layer of skin, preferably a thick one, and forget about outfits? This could save a lot of time, money and resources -- especially water.

Why wear different clothes? We are not THAT different from one another when it comes to our physical shape. Maybe that's the point. We are bipedal, with a body which is technically a big, clumsy, funny looking water container mostly in a vertical position (except for those who sleep all day). And why trying so hard to look different? I know now: to be able to tell ourselves apart from our fellow 7 billion earthlings who also have a tendency to wear clothes; apparently, some of them with a preference for jeans.

Thursday, February 22, 2018


Is he an escapist? Currently, he is the most famous dummy on Earth and beyond. Some folks claim he is fake. They're wrong. I've never seen a fake dummy in my entire life.

Let's see what he's wearing. Gloves, suit and a helmet. What's the helmet for? Generally, a helmet is not required when driving a car. Okay. He is not driving a car, he is floating in one. Maybe he is wearing a helmet to protect his privacy because the whole world is watching him.

Which brings the next question: What to wear in space?

Space suit, I guess. I'm playing with a silly idea that the closet of an astronaut is jam packed with space suits in the same make. Do style and color matter? I don't know if we could speak of style where every aspect of the design is geared toward function. And aren't all space suits made in the same color? 

It's like me with jeans. I have a couple of pairs that look almost the same. I wear them to death. And when I buy a new pair, I try to find the same style. I guess I should call them space jeans because they can serve as survival gear in challenging conditions here on earth. I wish that conditions would never get here as bad that special gear should be worn to survive them. Wishful thinking. Sometimes, they do. Just take air pollution staying at dangerous levels for prolonged periods of time in some big cities (a couple of fashion capitals among them). Now, in space there is no breathable air so it can't really be polluted.

I hope once we are ready to venture out in space we can wear regular clothes. And what I mean by that is jeans. I wouldn't want to go to space without them.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Plaid Pants and the Joy of Dancing

This entry is dedicated to a little friend of mine who is a fan of street style dance.

I'm glued to the screen as I watch the first segment of the video Uptown Funk -- Bruno Mars / Junsun Yoo Choreography. (Duration of segment: 1:57 min.) 

I try to fight the urge to watch it multiple times, but it feels like as if I'm being overtaken by a mysterious force. I keep stopping the video at 1:30 and play it for 4 seconds. I want to emulate the steps and hand movements shown there. They seem simple enough to follow and I like the beat.

These dancers are from 1 Million Dance Studio in Seoul's Gangnam District, where Junsun Yoo (in plaid pants) is an instructor/choreographer. He is also black belt in taekwondo. He has 8 years of dance training behind him. Junsun's aim is to become the world's best choreographer one day. And he works really hard to get there. 

It's nice to see so many young talents doing their best. What their secret is: tons of practice and dedication for their passion. Flashing an occasional smile doesn't hurt either.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

On Latex

Let's see what I know about latex: too shiny; transparent; too clingy; always tight fitting; comes in ridiculous colors. It has a range of properties I don't find appealing. It's definitely not my choice of fabric. But wait, it's actually not fabric. See a short article on MJTrends for details

Now let's see some dresses on Atsuko Kudo's site HERE

I don't know what to say because these are some really nice cuts and the colors are to die for. And yet, when I look at the semi-transparent flesh Alejandra dress, all I can think of how it would fare in the rain.

It's been raining on and off for days. As I waited for the bus the other day, I did not notice the large puddle of water by the curb. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, the bus pulled in and splashed the water high up as it stopped. And before I knew it, my jeans got drenched up to the knees.

At that moment, I wished my jeans were made of latex. By the time I got home and right after I peeled them off, I changed my mind yet again and was a latex fan no more. My fandom lasted less than 20 minutes. As for the dress, I still love the cut but I'd prefer something similar in fabric.