Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Happy New Year!

It’s just a bit late for new year resolutions so I simply made a short list as a reminder with no time frame attached.

Be humble.

Do no harm.

Keep safe.

Practice water saving measures throughout the year.

Practice mindfulness.

Learn a language that no one speaks. Note: Great. And who am I going to practice it with?

Keep learning.

Value the most what you learn from by making mistakes.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Gold Is Not My Color

Festive earrings made of craft wire. The design comes from an old book. Following the step-by-step instructions was the easy part. It was hard enough on my wrist to make the coils, but the real challenge was to make them look identical. I ended up making a few extra pieces to match. None are identical, just close enough. In most cases, it’s the same with our ears; they can be slightly different in size and shape. Earrings are to emphasize symmetry and they can be more fun to make than wear. I can see lots of plier marks on the coils.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sisal Bag

It happened in the middle of the summer on a weekday in the early morning hours. I can’t recall what I was wearing that day except for the sisal bag and the straw hat. The hat was new. The bag was slightly used -- a lucky find from a nearby thrift store.

I was alone taking a stroll downtown at a popular holiday destination. In my bag were a water bottle, a shopping list and small amount of change. As I walked, I heard footsteps behind me and slowed down to let the person pass. It seemed that he could never catch up with me as he also slowed his pace.

When he finally passed me, he took a sharp turn and grabbed my bag by the straps. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I just acted on instinct. Since sisal doesn’t slip easily, I also could get a good grip on the straps. We now were face-to-face pulling the bag full-force.

He was steady on his legs but slow as if hesitating over his next move. I felt his strength gradually increase as he tried to overpower me. It made me realize that I was no match to him. My bag was still in one piece; with all the opposing forces exerted on it, the sisal wouldn’t break. At that point, I thought I should let him have it.

There was a construction site nearby and the workers heard the commotion. They couldn’t have seen what was going on and they decided to find it out. As they got closer, the man eased his pull and let go of the bag. Then he took a few steps to walk away as if nothing happened. Just around that time, the guys from the construction site reached the scene. Once they made sure that no one was harmed, they headed back to work. The experience left me shaken and in disbelief. I was too upset to say anything.

Due to the pulling contest, the slots through which the straps were attached to the bag seemed to be a bit wider now. Other than that, there was no visible damage on the sisal.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How to Find a Good Hairdresser

It's a matter of taste and personal preferences. For me, there is also something about the place, but less so. And perhaps something that can’t be fully explained. It’s like with friends. Or with food. Standing at a counter trying to choose among the different flavors in pastry, I once asked the server which was her favorite one. She commented that what she likes is irrelevant. I should find out what my favorite flavor is by myself. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016


I’ve never aspired to be a star other than dreaming of walking in a fancy dress and my most comfortable slippers on a red carpet. In dreams it sounds like fun, especially when my main purpose would be to test my slippers for carpet walking along with other like-minded carpet walkers. Such experience for real however, could turn out to be very different. I prefer walking in peace and just thinking of a red carpet event that comes with large crowds, much shouting and blinding lights gives me the shivers. 

And yet, I’ve got my 2 minutes of fame years ago during grocery shopping at a big supermarket. It was a hot day and I was wearing a simple summer outfit: a brown sleeveless shirt, khaki shorts, string sandals and a straw hat.

When the first couple of people stopped to look at me, I thought there was something wrong with my clothes. I checked myself from head to toe for a stain from something embarrassing like bird droppings. Did I manage to spill coffee on my shorts? I found nothing. Or was it about my hat? As I walked around, more people stopped to take a look at me. I kept blaming my hat since that was the only thing that made me stick out of the crowd. ‘Okay,’ I said to myself, ‘no one has a hat on. But haven’t these folks seen a straw hat before?' It would turn out weeks later that on that day, I was wearing the exact replica of an outfit worn by a contestant of a new reality show. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Christian Siriano on Visibility

Christian Siriano Spring Summer 2017 Full Fashion Show - September 2016 Collection

The Seasons

My first thought is about spring. What to do when it happens in the middle of winter? And what to wear in springter? Should there be new collections designed specifically for freak seasons that disrupt the regular ones – like notomn for no-automn or sumter as in summer-in-winter? And when to prepare for these new seasons since they are like uninvited guests that come and go as they please?

New Stars: The Plus-sized Models

I am looking at the plus-sized models walking with the regular ones to see beauty in shape. It’s a great move to give visibility for them. “You have to celebrate as many people as you can because you never know who your costumer is gonna be,” Christian says. I love the color scheme. These vibrant colors might come from a lab but are nature-inspired. It makes me wonder if a shade of red can still be called coral red when one day there won’t be any red corals found in the oceans.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Too-Smart Phone

The call came from the salon. A. told me he was returning my call. “What time did I call you?” I asked. He chuckled. “An hour ago,” he said incredulously. I could hear him take a deep breath. “It wasn’t me but my phone,” I said. He was now trying to stop himself from laughing out loud. He thought that I temporarily lost control over my phone  which was the case – and he found it exceedingly funny.

As I left the house, I dropped my phone in my bag. With the contact list on display and his name highlighted, the dial button got pushed and it did call the salon. Being too busy, A. couldn’t answer it at the time. It would have been really funny if he did, though. It was just about time to make an appointment.

As far as I can tell, my phone demonstrated AI capabilities – something that not even the latest smartphone equipped with the hottest app could do just by itself. That’s what it did that day without any human intervention: dialed the right number at the right time and managed to get a call returned. I’m impressed.