Thursday, January 22, 2015

Shoes in Shades

 Copenhagen -- Part Eight

The other employee from the same boutique. He was dressed impeccably in new jeans and a white shirt. I wish I could have engaged in the eloquent conversation he had with my friend about his job. It looks like his shoes are two different shades. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Model of Shoes

Copenhagen -- Part Seven

My friendly shoe model, an employee at a downtown boutique. Curious about the ongoing conversation, he walked out to the front of the store. I got that big smile. Watching in surprise, my friend couldn't help but giggle to learn about my interest that seemed a bit odd to her. I got two seconds to take the shot.

And hygge, all around again: an atmosphere; not feeling like a stranger but being at ease; open conversations -- not just simply being nice and friendly. A dance party on the street stretching into the night. New dads pushing strollers. Waves and waves of bikers with kids and dogs. A conversation with a stranger as if you were old friends. A young family on roller skates, with the father explaining to me how proud he is to be a Dane. And how contempt content he is to be able to live for his dreams. A girl on a boat with a whistle in her mouth, dancing and waving to everyone who'd care to notice.

Note to self: Ooh you lousy phonetics! I just wrote contempt for content. There is a teeny-weeny difference there in meaning. D'ohh! Don't mind that the Danes are the happiest people in Europe.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Wall of Shoes - Din sko, din historie, ny start

Copenhagen -- Part Six

"Your shoes, your story, my start" -- It's hard to walk in downtown Copenhagen without noticing the Wall of Shoes, an art installation by Jacob Amsgaard, a local artist. According to the description:
All shoes have a story along with their owner, but not everybody has shoes. Do you have a pair of shoes with a story you would like to share? And give a new start? The installation on this wall was created on Saturday the 12th of July 2014.  During 8 hours shoes were collected in order to unite creativity and the possibility to help other people. All excess shoes and donations have been given to GRACE KBH.

I wanted to know just how many pairs were collected. As it happened, while checking out the gravity-obeying shoelaces and some of the high heels, I lost count of the shoes.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Copenhagen Flowers

Copenhagen -- Part Five

Our visit to Copenhagen last summer coincided with Copenhagen Fashion Week. The picture of a pastry shop window seen above was taken in the heart of downtown. I like the hanger that appears to be hanging in thin air.

A dome-shaped cake decorated with marzipan flowers was also on display. Unfortunately, I couldn't take a decent shot of the cake. And I couldn't take a decent bite of the cake, either. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Elves in a Box

Copenhagen -- Part Four

First came a series of strange high-pitched sounds -- a rapid sequence of squeaks as if coming from the hinges on a rusty gate. Now imagine if this rusty gate started to squabble in a squeaky voice. And from time to time, the squabble was interrupted with a hearty giggle. In the distance, a small gathering started to form. I glimpsed an odd formation -- a platform as high as a table with three holes on top of which three heads stuck out.

The three heads moved in harmony while the one in the middle talked. He produced those alien sounds, a total gibberish, with such confidence as to make us believe that we just heard an intelligible and yet undiscovered language. 'Don't you guys get it, I am TELLING you.' I was dying to know what he was saying. I thought that if only I could listen carefully or long enough everything would make sense. So I waited and just kept my eyes on him. What did the others do? Some took up seats on a nearby bench and made themselves comfortable and the rest stood around with dropped jaws in great anticipation.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Mange hilsner - Many Greetings

Copenhagen -- Part Three

Copenhagen is dubbed as one of the most bicycle friendly cities in Europe. There is a great number of cyclists on the road on any given day. With so many riders and an excellent bicycle route system, the city is really easy to get around by bike.

It made me feel safe to know other riders were always around me. Trying out an old bike was a bit of a challenge: first, getting on it and second, pedaling. I went zig-zag for a few seconds and then made a semi-circle turn. That made the guy coming from behind me slow down and pull a funny face. But once I finally was on the bike, riding it was a piece of cake -- up until the last challenge when I tried to get off. Luckily, both the bike and I made it in one piece. 

Please note that there was nothing wrong with the bike. It was fully functional, but I was clumsy on it. It was simply a certain type of bike I wasn't used to. The test ride happened just around the block in a quite neighborhood and it was much fun. The locals are the most courteous of riders. I was grateful to have been given a bike for the experience.


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Power of the Written Word

Copenhagen -- Part Two

Positioned at eye level, the note was placed on the front door of a townhouse in downtown Copenhagen. Well-tended potted flowers lined the steps leading to the door.

Dear Dog,
Do not pee on the steps or the plants.